Dual purpose skin preparation cleanser & anesthetic for numbing the skin during procedures.

Swipe topical anesthetic has a dual purpose:  It is a skin cleanser and has a powerful anesthetic for USE DURING PROCEDURES.   It contains 2% lidocaine, 1.5% tetracaine, and 6% benzocaine.  It is safe for use for all procedures other than eyeliner. Use it to remove your pre-procedure topical anesthetics in lieu of soap or alcohol, which stop the action of your topical anesthetic and change the pH of the skin.  This product not only prepares the skin, but also aids your anesthetic in penetrating into the dermal layer of the skin.  Swipe is also a highly effective secondary anesthetic for use DURING PROCEDURES.  Swipeswipe image hits quickly (90 seconds) and numbs for up to an hour.  When speed and ease of use are important, just "swipe and go."  Because there is no epinephrine in this product, healing is not affected by continued use throughout a procedure.


As with any of our line of topical anesthetics you may combine quantities to receive the 12+ discount.

Available in 4oz bottles.


Price: (1-11)
  SWIPE swipe image 4oz Bottle


Professionals require effective ways to numb the skin. Whether performing a tattoo, permanent makeup, laser services, body piercing or other sensitive procedure, the need for a powerful, safe topical anesthetic is imperative. We offer six unique products, which may be used separately or in conjunction with each other to effectively anesthetize (numb) skin before and during procedures.

Price is subject to change without notice

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